2022 Year In Review, The Stats!

2022 Year in Review

With another year wrapping up, we wanted to celebrate all of the achievements our members have accomplished this year out on the course. So if you haven't already been reminiscing about your lowest score this year, check out your inbox to review your personal highlights of 2022 (available for members who have played at least eight, 18-hole rounds with an Arccos handicap between +5 and 30).

With rounds being played at over 42 thousand courses in 165 countries around the world, Arccos has been alongside some amazing golf this year. We launched some powerful new updates, and slick new hardware... and it's just the 'tip of the iceberg' for what we have planned for 2023!

Arccos gets smarter about your game the more you use it, and that also goes for the Arccos community as a whole. The more golfers across skill levels and age that use the system, the more information we have about the performance spectrum of amateur golfers. Here is a little sample of what we can celebrate from 2022:

arccos shots captured in 2022

arccos number of rounds played 2022

Arccos number of countries played in 2022

Total Yards Driven in 2022 from Arccos

Avg arccos Member improvement for 2022
These are some pretty exciting numbers on the grand scale of things. Arccos Members clocked in over 9.2 million hours out on the course, which is the equivalent to over 383 THOUSAND days, which is roughly over ONE THOUSAND calendar years. Wowza. 
Were you able to check off that bucket list course this year? After looking through the Arccos data base we found the top played courses on each continent (sorry, Antarctica, you didn't register any rounds, yet...)

And notably from the UK: South Winchester Golf Club!

With new members joining every day, Arccos is getting even more insights into every aspect of the amateur game. While 2022 may be coming to a close, now is a great time to set that 2023 ‘Golf Resolution’ for yourself. We have some lofty goals to deliver for our members, and their respective upcoming golf seasons. We look forward to helping even more players improve in 2023 and can’t wait to deliver more powerful features and insights next year!

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