Introducing Arccos Caddie
for Apple Watch

More ways to play the game your way.

Play The Game Your Way With Apple Watch

Previously in beta, Arccos Caddie app for Apple Watch now features significant enhancements to the experience for players seeking to record their on-course shot data without carrying a smartphone in their pocket during play.



When you are ready to start your round, open the Arccos Caddie app on your phone and on your Apple Watch then select shot tracking with the watch. 


Arccos Caddie for Apple Watch syncs with smart sensors in your clubs so it knows exactly which club you are using.


You now have the freedom to choose where you put your phone and get A.I. powered rangefinder yardages and club recommendations on your watch.

Features Include

A.I. Rangefinder Yardages

Get the Arccos Caddie number directly on your wrist, and see a recommended club based on average yardages.

Shot Detection

Collect your shot data directly from your wrist. Play the game your way without the need for the phone.

Ability to Set Pin

Set the pin location and make other edits including add/remove putts and changing a putt to a chip.


Optimized for use with Apple Watch 6 and SE models (long lasting battery life).

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