Shot of the Week: Sept. 14-20

The final push of the golf season is beginning for those of us up north and it appears much of the Arccos community is getting in as much golf as possible. With that, we've seen a major uptick in rounds, shots and -- of course -- great shots.

Here are the best from the past week as entered into our weekly Shot of the Week contest. Golfers can submit their best shots straight from the Arccos app and immediately be entered to win that week’s top prize and Arccos gear.

You simply couldn't have drawn this one up any better:
Wedge? We don't need no stinkin' wedge:
The best thing about golf is that there's always another shot -- and chance to make up for a bad one:
The perfect club choice:
Just like you drew it up:

Drove the green ? #arccosknows #shotoftheweek #whitetiger

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This Week's Winner

A big thank you -- and an even bigger congratulations -- to Arccos golfer Branton Boehm for making our job as easy as ever this week. How could we not select Branton's first ever hole-in-one?