Arccos Achieve: Breaking 80

By Ben Larsen
Strategic Content Manager

Earlier this golf season, we put a call out to Team Arccos golfers. We asked them to participate in a season-long examination of how Arccos can truly help a golfer improve. Our task was to monitor quantifiable goals and measure them through the lens of Arccos.

We’re calling the project: Arccos Achieve.

The group of golfers participating is an eclectic one. There are plus-index golfers and newbies just trying to break 100 -- and every other type of golfer in between. As golfers, we’re always trying to improve. At Arccos, we believe we can help you achieve your golf goals.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing the progress of our initial Arccos Achieve participants.

Today, we hear from…

Name: Jonathan Zujko

Age: 39

Residence: Simsbury, CT

Occupation: Retirement Plan Manager

A longtime golfer, Jonathan’s goal for the Arccos Achieve project was crystal clear. He wanted to break 80. Among the loftiest of goals for beginning golfers, Jonathan had achieved the feat a number of times in the past but hadn’t done it in a really, really long time.

To achieve his goal and return to the sub-80 world, Jonathan also set quantifiable goals that he thought would help him get there. Like many, many other golfers simply hoping to attain one achievable goal, he identified a few areas of improvement.

At the outset of the project -- and in the northeast, the outset of the season -- Jonathan strived to increase his fairways hit and reduce the amount of putts he took per round.

“I think I need to be smarter off the tee,” Jonathan said at the beginning of the golf season. “I hit the fairway 62.5 percent of the time with my 3-iron as compared to 50.4 percent with my driver. I need to be smarter.”

Continue reading to learn a bit more about Jonathan and the progress he made towards his goal of breaking 80.

How Long Have You Played Golf?: On and off for 25 years. I first played when I was 14. At this point in my life I’m more engaged in golf than ever before -- so engaged that the only channel that has been on when I’m in front of the TV has been The Golf Channel for the past year!

Why Did You Begin Playing?: My dad took me out one time. I had a good time and ended up enjoying it with friends.

Why Do You Continue To Play?: It’s a great sport that you can do the rest of your life. It’s a great challenge to try and play your best and beat previous scores or hit that "great" shot. It feels so great to be outside on beautifully manicured tee boxes, fairways and greens.

Where Do You Play Most Of Your Golf?: I play mostly nine-hole rounds at Simsbury Farms Golf Course but enjoy getting out for 18 at new courses. I don’t mind playing some courses more than once such as Wintonbury Hills in Bloomfield, Conn. or The Ranch in Southwick, Mass. or Pine Valley in Southington, Conn. or Green Mountain National in Killington, Vt. -- but really enjoy playing new courses when I can.

With Whom Do You Most Often Play?: I have three friends at work who enjoy golf as much as I do. One of them purchased Arccos as well after he saw me use it. It’s cool to compare our stats (I’m sure he does the same). I enjoy playing with them most because, not only is it fun playing with golfers who enjoy it as much as you but we all have similar skill sets and I’m sure we all want to shoot the low score each time we’re out together ... office bragging rights, if you will.

On Aug. 1, Jonathan shot a 79 at Cape Neddick Country Club in Cape Neddick, Maine, accomplishing his goal of breaking 80 this season. He hit nearly 50 percent of fairways and putted lights out, needing just 1.72 putts per hole.

“My driving was solid but I’d definitely say putting the strongest part of my game that day,” Zujko said. “I was putting the ball really well during the round and that was a big key for the round.”

Following his goal-achieving round, Zujko shot an 82. According to Zujko, much of his progress has been attributed to playing smarter golf.

“I definitely concentrate more now that I play with Arccos,” he said. “Knowing that every shot I take will have a statistical impact on my game really makes it real. It helps me concentrate.”

As the end of the golf season approaches in Jonathan’s area, he’s already set sights on achievable goals for next golf season.

“I want to break 80 regularly next year,” he said. “It’s always a milestone when I do it and I think I’m right there with my game.”