Introducing Arccos Driver

At Arccos, our goal has always been to drive golf into the next frontier.

Today, with the introduction of Arccos Driver, we’re doing just that.

Arccos Driver is the newest addition to the Arccos Golf Platform and is the game’s first ever driver-only performance tracker.

“We aim to innovate in a manner that makes golf more exciting, addictive and fun for everyone from beginners to Tour players,” said Sal Syed, CEO and co-founder at Arccos. “Arccos Driver accomplishes that by offering entirely new ways for people to compete with their friends, track their stats and improve performance.”

With Arccos Driver, users will experience the same GPS, live shot tracking and Tour Analytics members of the Arccos Golf Community have enjoyed since our initial launch but with an eye towards driving performance.

Arccos Driver will also offer users the ability to compete against their friends, playing partners or golfers nationwide.