‘Arccos Ambassador Moms’ Erika Larkin and Trillium Rose Offer Tips on Maximizing Family Fun

Mother's Day Arccos Erika Larkin

While we know Mother's Day has passed in the UK (hopefully you didn't forget...) for golf-loving mums in many other countries, this weekend might call for a round of golf with the family. Thousands of women and juniors took up the game in 2020 and have stuck with it in 2021. After all, what’s better than a couple hours of sunshine, fresh air and good times with loved ones?

We asked our Arccos Ambassador moms Erika Larkin, Director of Instruction at Creighton Farms, and Trillium Rose, Director of Instruction at Woodmont Country Club, for tips on maximising Mother’s Day fun this Sunday. 

“The best part about golf is that multiple ages and skill levels can play together,” Larkin says. “It’s such a great way to spend an afternoon and get some quality time away from all the devices and distractions.”

Larkin enjoys playing a scramble with her family from a set of forward tees. If your course has “wee tees” or U.S. Kids Golf Forward Tees (designated with tee plate in the fairway), she suggests that mum and dad play the hole as a par 3 and kids can contribute to the score based on their skill level. 

“You can set scoring goals and have special treats for team pars or birdies,” she says. “Another great way to play without worrying about the real score is having points for hitting fairways and greens in regulation and one- or two-putting. In my family, we play for milkshakes, or the winner gets a back massage from the loser.”(With any luck, the Larkin family is adopting adult aged golf addicts with ice cream addictions…)

The key is keeping it fun for mom and the kids, Larkin says, and there’s nothing wrong with playing just a few holes if the kids are young or are beginners or playing all 18 if they’re older or more experienced. More and more courses have flexible options for families and Larkin recommends either checking out your local course’s website or giving the golf shop a call to see what they offer.

Rose says she relishes a round of golf on Mother’s Day with friends and family and not having to worry about logging her stats or even keeping score if it’s just a casual outing. 

Arccos Caddie does it for me so I can still have the data from my round that day, but I don’t have to worry about anything other than having a good time,” she says. “Arccos is a perfect Mother’s Day gift for the busy mom who wants to improve her game but doesn't have a lot of time to think about it. It's the perfect way to give her the answers and take control of her own game.” 

Adds Larkin: “Mums are the queens of multi-taking. Let’s delegate something for once and have Arccos keep our stats while we just relax and play. The best gifts are the kind you didn’t know you needed but when you start using it, you wonder how you lived without it.”

Both Larkin and Rose use the Arccos Caddie Link since most women’s golf apparel doesn’t have pockets to accommodate phones, or oftentimes, at all. Links is a wearable shot-tracking device that seamlessly connects with Arccos Caddie sensors and the Arccos Caddie app, automatically records shot data removing the need to carry a phone during play. 

Mums can take their game to the next level this season with a special bundle of Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors and Arccos Caddie Link. With this perfect pairing, they can leave their phone in the bag and play the game their way. And as Larkin points out, Link is a gift that goes with any outfit.

Erika Larkin Mother's Day

Helpful HintEven if it isn't Mother's Day, it also doesn't hurt to plan a nice meal or maybe some flowers. The best thing you can do for the special Mums in your life is to take a little off their workload, because we all know they work very hard all year long.