What Makes Arccos Caddie The Best Golf App In The Game?

Arccos Caddie's Best Features include AI Rangefinder, Shot Tracking, Club Gapping and more

Arccos Caddie does a lot more than just track your golf game. Within the app, there are a host of features that will help you improve faster, and make smarter, data-driven decisions on the course. Below we outline our top 6 product features.

Arccos Caddie Rangefinder – Know Your Exact Distance to Any Point

Arccos helps you make smarter decisions on the golf course. The Arccos Caddie app includes the world’s first A.I. Powered GPS Rangefinder that provides distances in yards, or meters, to any point on more than 40,000 courses around the world. Real-time adjustments for slope, wind (including gusts), temperature, humidity, and altitude, Arccos is also able to calculate the “Arccos Caddie Number”, to remove the element of guesswork and deliver the most precise yardage in the game.

Arccos Caddie Rangefinder - Golf's First Artificial Intelligence Rangefinder

Live Shot Tracking – Relive Every Shot You Hit 

Arccos seamlessly captures all your performance data in real-time. When you have completed your round you can revisit each hole and analyze your strategy and performance.

Pro Tip: The Arccos Dashboard allows you to examine your on-course performance on a larger screen.

Arccos Caddie Records Shot Automatically, No Tagging Needed


Using the same analysis that the PGA Tour uses to understand the on-course performance of tour players, we are able to provide you with a handicap that fairly reflects your golfing ability in 5 key areas: driving, approach, chipping, sand, and putting. By understanding your weaknesses (those facets with higher handicaps) you will know what to practice while knowing for certain your strengths (facets with lower handicaps) you will develop added on-course confidence to play better. 

Arccos Fact: In 2019 the average Arccos user improved by 4.2 strokes over the course of the golf season.

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Arccos Caddie Tour Analytics Help Refine Practice And Provide Motivation To Improve

Smart Distance – Know Your Actual Distances for Every Club

Arccos' Smart Distance, is the estimation of your expected distance on a well-struck shot. Based on your historical data, it automatically excludes mishits, and abnormally long shots giving you a much better picture of your true club distances.

We help golfers go beyond guesswork by using real on-course data to help golfers of all abilities develop an understanding of how far they truly hit each club. When you know the correct club to use, you will hit more greens and make more birdies. 

Arccos Fact: After 10 rounds, Arccos users average 14.91 feet closer to the hole on approach shots. 

Arccos Caddie Helps To Overcome Cognitive Bias By Telling You How Far You Actually Hit Each Club

Individual Club Data – Know Your Tendencies with Every Club

Develop an in-depth understanding of your shot tendencies with every club in your bag. Through the amalgamation of your on-course data, you will begin to develop an acute awareness of which clubs are your strongest for each facet of your game.

Smart Range provides you with a range that you typically hit each club, the tighter the range the more consistent you are. Additional information (fairways hit, greens in regulation, proximity to the hole, miss percentages) are provided for each club.

The data for each club will be automatically broken down into each facet - Driving (anything off the tee on Par 4s & par 5s), ApproachChipping (anything within 50 yards of the green) & Sand (anything out of a greenside bunker). 

Arccos Caddie Breaks Down Each Of Your Golf Club's Tendencies

Arccos Caddie Club Recommendations – Know your Optimal Strategy

Developed in partnership with Microsoft, Arccos Caddie is golf’s first artificial intelligence platform. Arccos Caddie Club Recommendations are unlocked once an Arccos user records 5 rounds (90 holes) of data. It leverages golf’s richest data set to provide:

  • Your optimal strategy off the tee on every hole in the world
  • Fairways hit, GIR and score predictions
  • A.I. Powered Rangefinder GPS distances that account for the impact of wind, slope, temperature, humidity & altitude.
  • Wind speed, wind direction, and elevation graphics
  • Customizations for hole locations and tee locations
  • Tournament mode toggle for Rules of Golf conformance

Arccos Caddie, Golf's Smartest Caddie Powered By Your Data And Artificial Intelligence


To learn more about Arccos Caddie, check out the App Page of our website. and for even more hints and tips, head over to ArccosAcademy.com

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