Giving the Best Golf Gift — How to Gift Better Golf with Arccos

Arccos Caddie Gift Guide

What you need to know if you are buying Arccos as a gift (even if you know nothing about golf)

As every golfer has experienced… gift giving occasions usually mean a bunch of cheesy gifts that non-golfers think are cute. While they can be fun, they sure do accumulate quickly and aren’t always useful. Don’t worry, we know the non-golfers in our lives mean well and we are just appreciative of the gesture. But here is a guide to help you give the gift of lower scores, and ace it in the golf gift giving department.

Here are a few quick tidbits to help you decide if the golfer you are buying for, will be able to get the most out of Arccos:

  • Do they golf at least 10 times a year?
  • Do they talk about wanting to get better?
  • Have they asked for a rangefinder or other golf-tech as a gift?
  • Do they already play with Arccos Caddie? (changes which products to look at)

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, then you are in the right place for awesome golf gift options! 

Smart Sensors

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors - Perfect gift for a golfer

In order to even use the system, players need to have sensors on their clubs. We have two options: Smart Sensors and Smart Grips. If you are giving Arccos as a gift and know absolutely nothing about golf, the Smart Sensors are the safest bet. 

Arccos flagship offering, Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors are ideal for:

  • New users of the Arccos system
  • Golfers who change club sets or regrip clubs frequently 

The set comes with 14 Smart Sensors (one for each club, including the putter) that twist into the ends of existing grips. 

Clubs are paired via ultrasound (using the camera from your phone) with the Arccos Caddie App (downloaded from the Apple App or Google Play stores), a process that takes less than five minutes. 

If your golfer is a tinkerer who likes to test different drivers, wedges and putters, Smart Sensors are easily removed, reinstalled and re-paired in a matter of minutes. (Smart Grips don’t have this ability)

When you buy the Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors, they come with the first year subscription of the Arccos Caddie App, a $99.99 value.  


Smart Grips 

Arccos Caddie Smart Grips - perfect gift for golfers

The holiday season is the perfect time to upgrade to Arccos Caddie Smart Grips for an integrated and seamless look and feel. 

How it works: sensors are embedded into the ends of the grips and connect any set of clubs to Across Caddie (just like the Smart Sensors). However, golfers can be ‘particular’ when it comes to their equipment, and grip type is important to note. Smart grips are trickier to purchase if you are a non-golfer, or if you don’t know what type of grips your player likes to use.

Arccos offers two leading brands — Golf Pride and Lamkin — including the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 and Tour Velvet and Lamkin Crossline 360 and UTx. Golf Pride is the leader among PGA TOUR players, while Lamkin is also extremely popular with professionals and amateurs alike. [Pro-Elfing tip: If that sounds like gobbledygook to you, try to sneak a peek into your golfers bag and see what grips they already have on their clubs. Or just get the Smart Sensors] 

All grips are offered in standard and midsize. Midsize typically works for golfers who wear extra-large golf gloves, while standard works for those who wear medium or large. 

An important note: just like the Smart Sensors, Smart Grips come with a one-year subscription to the Arccos Caddie App, a $99.99 value. 

In addition to shot-tracking, the app boasts a number of new features including golf’s first A.I.-powered rangefinder and the Strokes Gained Analytics. These are key to helping the golfer in your life get way better. Better equals happy! 


Arccos Caddie Link - best gift accessory for any golfer

The Link is perfect for golfers who already use Arccos, or if you are giving them Smart Sensors or Smart Grips as well (remember you need one of those options in order to use the system). While this product isn’t required to use Arccos, it is an accessory to make their Arccos experience even better!

Great for:

  • New or Existing Arccos golfers
  • Women (women’s golf clothing really lacks reasonable pockets)
  • Competitive players (USGA and R&A compliant)
  • Golfers who don’t want to play with a phone in their pocket
  • Golfers who like to listen to music on the course 

With the introduction of Arccos Caddie Link, Arccos solved for golfers who don’t like to carry their smartphone in their front pocket and women who don’t have pockets in their golf skirts. 

A wearable shot-tracking device that seamlessly connects between the sensors and the app, “Link” automatically records shot data while your phone rests comfortably in your golf bag or cart. 

Pro Tip: For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’re offering a special holiday bundle of Smart Sensors & Link for 10% off. Learn More


SuperStroke Putter Sensor

SuperStroke Putter Grip Accessory

While we don’t normally condone snooping in people’s golf bags, if you’re buying Arccos as a gift, make sure you check to see what kind of putter grip is in their bag. Pull out the putter, if the grip says ‘SuperStroke’ in big obvious letters, you’ll need one of these. 

These putter grips are designed a little differently and need an SuperStroke Putter Grip Accessory to seamlessly attach to their club.

 For just $19.99, it includes an Arccos Caddie Putter Sensor, purpose-built housing that attaches to Traxion or CounterCore grips, tightening tool and wrench. 


Annual Subscription

Arccos Caddie Subscription

Arccos Smart Grips and Smart Sensors come with a year subscription to the Arccos Caddie app. If the special golfer in your life is already an Arccos player, you can gift them a redeemable code that covers a year of their subscription ($99).

Great For:

  • Existing golfers who already use Arccos


Golfers love adding to their hat & towel collections

Arccos Hat & Towel

For the “golfers can’t have too many of these” department, Arccos Performance Tech Hats and Towels make for nice compliments to other Arccos gifts. Performance Tech Hats are engineered by AHEAD and feature a moisture-wicking headband. Towels are also crafted by AHEAD, with quick-absorbing microfibers and an easy-to-clip carabiner attachment.  

Check the List Twice

To summarize and make sure you feel good about what you’re wrapping up with a bow, here is your shortlist to cross-check what you learned above:

If they will be a new Arccos Caddie golfer:

  • Choose between Smart Sensors or Smart Grips (One of these options is required. We recommend Smart Sensors as a start)
  • SuperStroke putter adapter (only if they have this type putter grip)
  • Black Friday Deal: The Arccos Caddie Bundle 
  • Below options are excellent accessories to go along with their new Arccos Caddie System

If they are already an Arccos player (or becoming an Arccos Golfer):

  • Arccos Caddie Link 
    • Existing player (shot tracking device instead of them using their phone)
    • Included if you buy the Arccos Caddie Bundle for new Arccos players
  • Annual Subscription (redeemable code to cover the next year of their subscription)
  • Arccos Swag: hat or towel (or both)