Arccos Caddie New Feature: Enhanced Putt Tracking

Enhanced Putt Tracking Arccos

The putter is arguably the most important club in any player’s bag. Most players average 36 putts per round, which any other stick in the bag is unlikely to be used that many times. So Arccos has enhanced the insights into a player’s performance on the greens by adding the ability to track the distance of each putt hit, no longer just the first-putt distance. 

Coinciding with the launch of the new Smart Club Distances, the Enhanced Putt Tracking feature is a star in and of itself. It sets the foundation for future reporting of performance on the greens—which can make or break any round (as every golfer has certainly experienced). 

How do you start using it?

Now when you are playing a round with Arccos, you still have the ability to add putts at the bottom of the screen. As always, the putter sensor is tracking the location of the putts in relation to the pin. When you open up the putt outcomes tray on a hole, you can see the putts captured at the bottom of the screen. You can slide to adjust the distances for each putt, which is particularly helpful for ‘gimmes’ or very soft putts that might not have registered.

2nd Putt Location

Pro Tip: You can use the grid feature in the right corner of your ‘green screen’ to help you eyeball the distances while you are editing, for a better visual understanding.

What does this data show me?

With the feature update, instead of ‘first putt length’, players can see how they truly putt from each distance, regardless of which number putt it is. These added stats mean more accurate Strokes Gained analytics which leads to smarter practicing with tailored putting drills from your coach, or even potentially looking at upgrading your putter if shorter putts are your kryptonite. Afterall, ‘putt for dough’ means that your performance on the greens is your real ‘moneymaker’ when it comes to lowering your score. 

Putting Strokes Gained Analytics

“By marking additional putt distances, there are more precise insights into how players can focus their practice on the greens. As a coach this means I can better provide certain drills or tips to improve putting performance where it really counts." Erika Larkin, PGA Professional, Golf Digest Teaching Staff. 

Arccos gets smarter the more you use it—so here is the perfect prompt to schedule your next tee time to put this feature to good use!