Arccos is Making History With Golf Data

This time of year is always fun in the golf industry, as leaders and enthusiasts alike get to meet at the annual PGA Show. With the events of 2020, the PGA Show made the right decision to go fully digital in 2021 for this years events.

While we have been seeing nostalgic posts from past years from industry influencers, what made it exciting is that if anything the show was more accessible than ever to learn about the updates from your favorite golf brands. 

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Golf has been shedding its old musty reputation by embracing some new trends. One of which is technology, where Arccos is at the forefront. If you're curious why golf is the perfect sport to take on big data, this is for you. 

While it is exciting to see what is coming up, Global Golf Post took a 'historic' approach with Arccos and deep dived into the evolution of the company, founding members and their passion to bring data to golfers. 

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As featured in the PGA Show's Highlights of Global Golf Post:

Arccos Drives Golf's Data Revolution

By Sean Fairholm