Arccos Member Spotlight: Erik Anders Lang

Imagine showing up to a golf event and being told you’re going to play with 100 random golfers in a scramble, wearing a t-shirt and slides, with music jamming in the background. Doesn’t sound like your traditional round of golf. It might sound crazy, absurd, and just about unbelievable even. But that’s exactly what Arccos Ambassador, Erik Anders Lang created “something for everyone”. Making the, traditionally perceived, exclusive sport more inclusive, aiming to reduce its intimidation factor, and fostering a more welcoming atmosphere.

Despite not taking up golf until 29, Erik quickly developed a deep passion for the sport. Little did he know the exciting twists his journey was about to take. Erik’s introduction into the world of golf was driven by a desire to connect with a community that cherished the sport's essence. 

“For me, I was really looking for a way to get into golf that was really celebrating community.”

This pursuit led him to create Random Golf Club, a vibrant community that welcomed individuals with diverse backgrounds and a wide range of golfing experiences with open arms. From those taking their first tentative steps onto the driving range, to others with a more competitive edge. The inspired community continues to grow rapidly, redefining what golf can be.  

“Golf club I later learned was really just a group of people that took care of the golf course in the neighbourhood, which was filled with residents of the town. That was something that I wanted and am trying to build.”

In our latest Arccos Member Spotlight, Erik delves into his remarkable transformation from a filmmaker to a congenial host, and eventually, to the visionary founder of Random Golf Club. Also, find out how Erik uses Arccos to elevate his own game and how he believes it can help foster the love and enjoyment of golf for others. 

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