Arccos Member Spotlight: Steve Holmes

Steve Holmes stands as a prominent figure in golf; acclaimed as a Top 50 instructor by Golf Digest and recognised as a Top 50 Junior Instructor globally by Operations 36. He has already placed an indelible mark on the world of golf, contributing significantly to the rise of three talented UCLA women who achieved #1 world amateur rankings. With a celebrated career thus far, Steve Holmes has imparted his wisdom to players of all levels, including numerous PGA and LPGA players along the way, while also showcasing his prowess by qualifying for multiple PGA Tour events, including the 2023 PGA Championship. 

Holmes is a dedicated member of Arccos, harnessing its power and insights, not only to enhance his own performance but also to elevate the golf game of his students. His eager commitment to the game is evident in his use of Arccos, both for personal growth and as a tool for instruction.

Discover the captivating journey of Steve Holmes in our first Arccos Member Highlight for Global Golf Month. Get a peek into the remarkable path that has shaped Holmes into the exceptional pro and player he is today. Dive into how his loved ones and mentors have influenced his journey. Explore the ups and downs, pivotal moments, and the significant people who have played a big role in shaping his teaching and playing journey. Find out how he plans to further pass along the values, enjoyment, and love of the game to others.

We are proudly commemorating the game and highlighting its growth through a series of short videos featuring our members. These videos showcase the significant influence they have on other golfers, their community, and the game as a whole. It's a tribute to the sport's enduring spirit and the positive impact that golfers can make on the world of golf.

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