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Arccos CEO, Sal Syed, featured on GolfWRX's 'The 19th Hole'

Sal shares the power of Arccos Caddie and provides an early look into what is coming in 2020!



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Make the most of your Arccos Caddie experience by exploring Arccos Academy, our online learning platform.


Arccos Insight Question

Based on millions of shots with Arccos Caddie, what % of 15+ handicap golfers hit their 5 iron longer than their 4 iron?

a) 15% b) 25% c) 35% d) 45%

Scroll down to reveal the answer! 


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Arccos Insight Answer

The answer is d) 45%! And that's from the fairway. From the rough it's 50%. Maybe it's time to review your set composition and ensure your club gapping is right for you?