Dial in your Approach Stats with Lou Stagner

We have all heard “Drive for show and putt for dough” but the real differentiator in high and low handicaps is actually found in improving your approach. Approach is where the rubber meets the road in improving your scoring. Improving ball striking and club selection is usually where you’ll see improvement–but figuring out what you actually need to focus on can be found right in your Arccos App under the Approach Stats. 

This page has some of the most critical information in helping you understand your weaknesses on course. While Greens in Regulation (GIR) is important because it usually translates to ‘more greens hit, means better scoring’ UNLESS you are putting yourself really far from the pin (and setting yourself up for putting failure). That being said, your insights across strokes gained, GIR, and proximity to pin will help direct you on where you should really spend more time focusing. Because there is no point in having an ego about club selection if it isn’t translating to better scores. Club up and go low. 

If you aren’t already using Arccos to break down the detailed performance across every facet of your game… Check out the Arccos Bundle. Your handicap will thank you.