Dig Deep Into Your Putting Performance

Learn the details about Arccos enhance putting stats

We all know the saying ‘Drive for show, Putt for dough’ but now your dough can have some fresh new ingredients–newly released Enhanced Putting Stats! With loosely a third of the shots in a round for the average player, it's safe to say the putter is one of–if not ‘the’ most important club in your bag. With this new release, we give players even more insight into exactly how they are performing from various lengths on the greens. 

The quick reference guide for the new release:

We improved the putting distances to be more specific, so now there are 7 fine-tuned “buckets” to see exactly how you perform at each length. The new ‘distance’ buckets:

  • 0-2 feet
  • 3-5 feet
  • 6-9 feet
  • 10-14 feet
  • 15-24 feet
  • 25-39 feet
  • 40+ feet

We added new empowering graphs to help give deeper insight into each of these ‘distance buckets’ so that you can fine tune your putting practice to make the biggest impact on your performance. The new putting distance graphs included are:

  • Strokes Gained
  • Make % 
  • 3 Putt %

Lou Stagner is arguably the most formidable golf data guru in the world, and he happens to work at Arccos! This update has given us the opportunity to expand upon our previous release from last September that allowed players to track the distance of all their putts (not just the first putt). This release is the exciting progression that we have been working towards to deliver even more insights to players looking to improve. Lou has provided his top tips to ensure that players keep their data as clean as possible in order to get the most value out of their information. Check these out!

Ensuring members spend a few extra moments either between each hole or after the round to tidy up their data can mean all the difference. Edited round data makes the personalised insights in the Arccos app really powerful to help players better understand the strengths and weaknesses in their game. With more accurate data you will spend your practice time more wisely, and use a data-driven approach to your warm-ups before your round!