Exclusive Look Into LACC With Arccos Ambassador, Erik Anders Lang

Los Angeles Country Club (LACC) remains an exclusive and prestigious destination for golf enthusiasts. Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, the course boasts a rich history and a reputation that precedes itself. Membership at LACC is not something that can be obtained through a simple application process though. It is an invitation-only club, reserved for the crème de la crème of society. Some pretty famous names have even been rejected by the club. Those fortunate enough to receive an invitation are required to pay a substantial initiation fee, which reportedly ranges from $250,000 to $500,000.

The ‘Average Joe’ might have better chances at hitting a hole-in-one than getting on at LACC. Even getting a look at the course can be difficult, as they restrict all photos and videos taken on the property from being shared on any social media platforms. However, there are a few exceptions that provide a rare opportunity to witness the exclusive championship course.

If you were fortunate enough to attend or watch this year’s U.S. Open, you got a glimpse of the course's immaculate fairways and challenging hazards up close and personal. Another opportunity to get a closer look at LACC is through Random Golf Club's latest film, "Break 90 at LACC." The selective club opened its doors to Arccos Ambassador, Erik Anders Lang, and renowned footballer Gareth Bale to take on the challenge of breaking 90 from the tips at LACC.

The film gives viewers a first-hand look at the course from a more personal perspective, than just T.V. coverage. If you haven't had the chance to watch it yet, it's certainly worth checking out. You might notice holes you saw from U.S. Open coverage but now from an amateur’s view.

Wyndham Clark might have made the championship course look a tad “easy”, as he shot 10-under par for the tournament. But as an amateur, it’s a totally different game for us, especially if playing from the tips!

As a single-digit handicapper, Erik shot an impressive 89! He started the round with a bogey but held steady all the way through with a handful of bogeys and pars along the way, but hole 13 proved a challenge… (watch the story unravel here).

As you can grasp from Random Golf Club’s LACC film, par 3s range from 80 yards to 300 yards, fairways fluctuate from wide to narrow, the rough grabs hold of the club like super glue, and arduous hazards stay prominent on a multitude of the holes. There’s no doubt that LACC is daunting. This is not your local neighbourhood course, that’s for sure.  

Playing on the pro level is an entirely different experience. Even for a single digit handicap golfer like Erik, who may consistently shoot in the 70s, it became a challenge to break 90, when faced with the same conditions as the best of the best.

The chances to play at LACC are extremely scarce and glimpses of its magnificence are rare as well. These opportunities appear once in a blue moon through events like the U.S. Open and films such as "Break 90 at LACC." These special occasions give golfers the privilege to personally witness the beauty and arduous challenges that make LACC a Major host.

It might not be the spikes hitting the grass kind of experience, but you can give yourself a chance to see the course from a different perspective, with Arccos. Check out Arccos’ preview caddie to get a glimpse of how you might play the U.S. Open course and compare your rounds to Wyndham Clark and Erik Anders Lang’s rounds. You might want to add a handful of strokes for major conditions though, just saying… it’s ‘rough’ out there, but who knows, if Wyndham had to give you some strokes, you might just beat him… might! Maybe Justin Thomas actually…

After watching the U.S. Open, Random Golf Club’s Break 90, and complementing it with your preview caddie round, you’ll just about be immersed into the LACC experience.