Getting Familiar with Arccos Caddie Link

The hype is real. Now that the first shipment of pre-orders has been sent out, we finally have Arccos Caddie Link in the hands of some eager players. While we are still cranking Link devices out as fast as they are coming off the ‘belt’, we wanted to give users a deeper dive into the game-changing wearable.

Arccos Caddie Link - Open Packaging Shot

When you Open the Box

We like to imagine that players rip open their boxes like excited children on Christmas Day. While we know you’re excited we don’t want you to miss anything. In your box you will find:

  • Arccos Caddie Link *cue confetti cannons*
  • USB charging cord
  • Drawstring storage bag
  • Helpful Quick Start Guide

The device will arrive partly charged, so we do recommend that you plug it in and fully charge it before you head out the door to your next round (total charge time if your device is really low on battery is about 3 hours). When you unplug the device from the charger, make sure to press the main power button until you hear a beep, that will ensure that your Link is fully turned off. If not, and a blue light is flashing it will remain on and the battery will drain. 

Playing with Link

Whether you sprint from the parking lot to the first tee or hit a few shots on the rangeyou can keep your routine warm up the same. We just recommend turning on and pairing your Link before the first tee, so the GPS has a little time to properly acquire signal.

Setting up your Arccos Caddie Link is easy. By pressing the Arccos logo on the front of your device and holding it for 5 seconds, you will turn on the device (you’ll hear a beep once it’s on). Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on. When you open the Arccos Caddie app on your phone it will prompt you to “connect” your Link. 

Now you can play your rounds with the freedom to choose where you keep your phone. No longer is your phone in your front pocket a requirement. While you might want to keep your phone nearby so you can still use it for the rangefinder and caddie functions—Link frees up your phone to do other things such as listen to music, take phone calls (but don’t be ‘that’ guy unless you really need to), or even have a buddy record some of your golf swings.

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Some other handy little features that the Link has—you can set the pin location with the Link by pressing the main button while standing near the pin. No need to get your phone out. Additionally, you will get various warnings like a low battery beep, which indicates that you may only have a couple holes left and might need to switch to your phone for shot tracking so you don't miss any shots. 


The Do’s and Don'ts of Where to Wear your Link

The golf course fashionistas will be jealous when they see your newest accessory, the Arccos Caddie Link (and let’s be honestthe “fashion don'ts” will be jealous too). But here are the good rules of thumb to ensure your Link functions just as much as it may ‘fashion’. 


  • Wear it on your outer most layer of clothing
  • Clip it to your waistband, belt, or top of your pocket
  • Wear it on your ‘leading’ side of your body (right handed golfers should wear it on the left side, and visa versa)


  • Don’t put it in your pocket 
  • Don’t forget to move it to the outside of your clothing if you put on extra gear
  • Don’t put it on your glove/bottom of hem because you might lose it with a crisp swing
  • DON’T PUT IT THROUGH THE LAUNDRY (we provide a handy storage pouch!)

Making sure your Link is ready for every round:

Ensuring your Arccos Caddie Link is charged is critical to using the device during your rounds. While the battery life can be up to 10 hours (two rounds of golf), we recommend players charge their device after each usage (in case you get stuck behind some really slow foursomes). Your Link device comes with a USB charger, and carrying case to protect it in your golf bag once it's done being charged. But as we stated above, just be sure to turn off the device once you’re done charging it to ensure it remains charged for you next round.


Beyond the Fundamentals—Let’s get into the details

In the past week, if there was a question about Arccos Caddie Link, you bet we’ve heard it. Our awesome Arccos Customer Experience team has drafted answers to the most frequently asked questions about Arccos Caddie Link.

Some topics highlighted:

  • What do the different color lights mean?
  • What is Arccos Caddie Link compatible with?
  • How do I sync the data from Link to my account?

And more! But we definitely recommend that you take a few minutes and check them out.


If you haven't ordered your Arccos Caddie Link, you can buy one here. Also, don't forget, Arccos sensors are required so check out our Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors and Arccos Caddie Smart Grips!