Gift a Better Golf Game With Arccos

Arccos Gift Guide 2023

Do you have a golfer in your life who deserves a spot on the 'nice list' but worries their game might be on the 'naughty list'? Fear not, as you've landed in the perfect place to find the ultimate golf gift this season. As you sift through various guides, our comprehensive Arccos gift guide is designed to aid not only avid golfers but also those unfamiliar with the game. Discover the perfect Arccos product for your special golfer and bring a touch of magic to their game.

Is Arccos the Right Gift?

Before diving into the world of Arccos, consider a few key questions to ensure it's the right fit for your golfer:

  1. Frequency of Play:

Does your golfer play on a course at least 10-15 times a year? Arccos thrives with regular use on the course, making it ideal for those who enjoy frequent rounds.

  1. Desire for Improvement:

Is your golfer passionate about improving their game? Arccos caters to golfers eager to understand their performance and make strides toward playing better each time.

  1. Interest in Golf Products:

Has your golfer expressed interest in other golf products? Arccos can be a fantastic tool, offering features like the A.I. Rangefinder, Smart Club Distances, Strokes Gained Analytics, A.I. Caddie, and Automatic Shot Tracking.

  1. Currently Playing with Arccos:

Is your golfer already using Arccos? If so, explore exciting options in our 'gifting guide' for existing Arccos members.


What is Arccos, and Why Does Your Golfer Need It?

Arccos helps golfers track their game and provides them with unparalleled insights into their on-course performance, with the average new member improving by more than 5 shots in their first year. The heart of Arccos lies in its award-winning mobile app, offering a myriad of features to elevate any golfer's experience:

Explore our video gift guide for a detailed overview of the products suitable for this season.


This holiday season we are offering 20% off sitewide on any Arccos products.


Gifts for Non-Arccos Users:

1. Starter Bundle 

Includes Smart Sensors and Link (you can even opt for the Limited Edition Smoke Smart Sensors for the bundle)

2. Limited Edition Smoke Smart Sensors (available while supplies last)

3. SuperStroke Putter Grip Adapter

Only necessary if your golfer plays with a counter-balanced SuperStroke putter grip.

4. Smart Grips

A thoughtful gift, especially for those who tend to 'upgrade' to smart grips after becoming Arccos members. But many golfers are *particular* about which grips they have on their clubs. If you have concerns about the choices available–we usually recommend players start with the Smart Sensors first. 

Gifts for Existing Arccos Members:

1. Arccos Link

Ideal for existing members who haven't yet embraced our wearable shot-tracking device.

2. Membership Gift Card

Options for 1 or 2 years, ensuring continued access to the award-winning app for even more game improvement and insights.

3. Smart Grips

A sleek upgrade for current Arccos users, providing a streamlined look and feel.

4. Replacement Smart Sensor Bundle

The perfect stocking stuffer, offering spare sensors for uninterrupted performance tracking throughout the season.

Checking Your List Twice:

To ensure a flawless gift-giving experience, cross-check your choices against this shortlist:

  • Choose between Smart Sensors or Smart Grips (Starting with Smart Sensors is recommended. Consider the Limited Edition Smoke Smart Sensors).
  • Consider the Starter Bundle for the most seamless experience with Arccos.
  • SuperStroke putter accessory (if applicable).
  • Arccos Link for existing members still relying on their phones for shot tracking.
  • Membership Gift Cards for continuous improvement.
  • Replacement Smart Sensor Bundle for spare sensors, a practical stocking stuffer.

In the end, give the gift of lower scores and an enhanced golfing experience with Arccos, where data meets the fairway for a game-changing performance.