Hit Bunker Shots Like a Pro With These Tips

You’ve just hit your approach shot into a green guarded by white glistening bunkers and, you hit it a little off target, but hoping that it’s still okay. Maybe by a chance of good fortune, it hit a sprinkler head and landed on the green, or landed just short of the surrounding bunkers, but deep down you already know the outcome. As you briskly approach the green, there’s still no ball in sight, and as you step closer, you find your ball nestled in the white sandy pot of fine pebbled grains. 

There are two types of bunker players, for a majority of us, you’re probably thinking of just automatically adding an extra shot (or two) to the scorecard. While others, you’re stepping into the bunker with confidence to get it up and down. Which one are you? 

Bunker play can be tricky, and if you are struggling, (Hint: Check your Arccos stats to see if you are!) we’ve got some great tips from our friends at Me And My Golf to help you get out of the bunker with confidence. These insights are based on our Arccos stats from over 780 million shots recorded. 

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