New Arccos Dashboard: Now LIVE

Scottie Scheffler is doing something right as he takes home The PLAYER’s championship… again! And reigns as the world’s number one! Well if you want to get down to it, proof is in the pudding right, or should I say data? If you take a look at the PGA TOUR’s website, you’ll find a breakdown of Scheffler’s stats at TPC Sawgrass and throughout the season.

Pretty cool, huh? Tour pros are constantly gathering their data and seeing how they are actually playing and competing against others. There’s a reason Scottie is number 1. Just look at those numbers, leading in the TOUR’s strokes gained stats overall, off the tee and approach. Looks like he just needs a little sprucing up in the putting sector and the PLAYER’s champ might be unstoppable… or maybe it’s the fact he has Arccos Ambassador, Ted Scott on the bag (wink). 

Well, what if we told you that you could have the data you just saw above that Scheffler sees after each tournament? Arccos is the official game tracker of the PGA TOUR and provides the everyday golfer the ability to track their game like the pros. Arccos Smart Sensors sync to the Arccos App providing golfers the ability to track their game to gain insights on where they might be excelling or spot areas for improvement. You can look at the app and go through all the amazing analytical feedback Arccos gives you, or (And this is a treat for existing Arccos Members) you can check out the all-new Arccos Dashboard to dial in and analyze your data. 

But here's the exciting part: you can access the same insightful data that Scheffler relies on after each tournament. Arccos, the official game tracker of the PGA TOUR, offers everyday golfers the opportunity to track their game like the pros. And now, with the all-new Arccos Dashboard, analysing your data has never been easier - just like the PGA TOUR stat page, Arccos members can now access their own data right from a desktop. 

Let’s take a quick tour through the New Dashboard

Player Stats:

Members can view their overall stats, like the app, along with delving deeper into their driving, approach, short game, and putting stats. Members can also find their trend analysis, scoring breakdowns, and much more. 

Club Analysis:

Explore your club distances, distance ranges, and relive your longest shots. Plus, (this might be one of the coolest easter eggs in the Dashboard) uncover dispersion patterns by clicking into individual clubs, such as your Driver.


Under Rounds, members can review detailed stats, view scorecards, and even edit holes from your tracked rounds. Maybe you want to put the phone away to edit, or just want to use a bigger screen. This new feature is a cool addition to reviewing rounds and reliving the moments.

By leveraging tools like Arccos, all golfers now have access to insightful data that pros like Scheffler rely on to hone their skills and stay at the top of their game. Whether it's examining player stats, exploring club analysis, or reviewing rounds, Arccos provides invaluable insights for improving one's golf game. And with the new Arccos Dashboard, analysing your personal game data has become more accessible and comprehensive than ever before.