Arccos' New Feature: Live Activity Now Available

The new Arccos + Live Activity feature is now available for all iOS devices that have been updated to iOS 16.2 and above. With a quick glance at a locked phone screen, Arccos’ new Live Activity feature allows Arccos Members to easily view their yardages, wind direction, and suggested club without needing to unlock their phone. 

After starting your round, simply reach for your phone and once the lock screen wakes up you’ll see the Arccos widget appear. Now players don’t even have to unlock their phones and open the Arccos Caddie app.

If you’ve played a round recently, but didn’t see the new Live Activity appear, check the following steps to make sure you have everything set up properly on your iPhone. 

Is your iPhone updated to the latest iOS?

To make sure or to update your iOS, head to Settings> General > Software Updates. 

Is your Arccos Live Activity toggled to “On”?

To make sure you have the Live Activities feature on, head to Settings > Arccos Caddie and make sure the Live Activity row is toggled to green. 

Live Activity Hacks:

  • If the pin is marked and you're on the green, then you'll see the distance to the pin in feet or meters. It can be helpful for who’s closest to the pin. No more conundrums of who’s closer.
  • For those that may not want to see their score mid-round, from the Live Activity, can also do this by going into the app settings. To do so, click the cog logo in the top right in the app > App Preferences and toggle the “hide score while in play” to on. 

So whether you forgot to charge your Apple Watch, don’t want to get distracted by other app notifications, or are trying to avoid looking at your current score because you’re tracking for a personal best and want to stay out of your head… this new feature is perfect for you! 

If you’re a generous playing partner it even means your buddy can grab your phone and use it as a quick rangefinder for their own ball without needing you to walk over and unlock your phone for them for the read. Once they’re impressed, you can refer them to Arccos and get two months of membership added to your account. Check out our referral program here…