Get a Grip! Time To Give Smart Grips A Try

Now is the perfect time to regrip your golf clubs!

Regripping Your Golf Clubs is Easy, Essential and Leads to Better Scores

Arccos users, by definition, are all about performance. One of the most frequently overlooked pieces of golf equipment in that arena is none other than the golf club grip.

The experts agree: playing with worn out grips has a measurable impact on distance and accuracy.

Old grips cause you to tighten your grip on the club, which in turn decreases both swing and clubhead speed. What’s more, old grips can lead to not squaring the clubface at impact and poor ball striking.

When to Regrip 

According to a recent Arccos survey, 46% of avid golfers regrip their clubs every two years, while 35% regrip annually. And when golfers do regrip, 60% have their entire set of clubs done. But the experts agree, this isn’t often enough.

“Regripping a set of clubs is often the fastest, cheapest and best way to get a great new feel on the clubs you already love,” says Pascal Stolz, Vice President of Product and Marketing for Lamkin. “Golfers will definitely see improvement in their game with a new set of grips. [PGA] Tour players regrip many times a year – they need to play their best.”

Arccos Caddie Smart Grips Lamkin UTx

Grips should be replaced every 40 rounds, or every 30 rounds if you're spending a considerable amount of time at the practice range, according to Stolz.

Regardless of rounds played, a grip should always be replaced at the first sign of noticeable wear, such as cracks, smooth or hard surfaces, shiny patches or wear spots. Heat, dirt, oils and even ozone are constantly at work to breakdown the materials grips are made from.

Grips lose a significant amount of their original feel long before they become hard or glazed over. Because of this, many golfers fail to even notice they’re playing with worn out grips in need of replacing.

Choosing a Grip

Many golfers are pleasantly surprised to learn that grips aren’t one size fits all. In fact, most experts agree that size is the single most important factor when choosing a grip.

The proper size depends on the length of the hand measured from the crease in the wrist to the tip of the longest finger. The majority of golfers fall into the standard and midsize categories.

Here’s an easy way to figure out which you need: if your golf glove is an extra-large, opt for the midsize. If it is a medium or large, go for the standard.

After size, golfers select from grip material, firmness and surface texture. Those who play in warm climates with high humidity and frequent rain showers also need to consider how the grip texture will hold up under those conditions.

Arccos Caddie Smart Grips 

The question often comes up when considering new grips: what’s the difference, if any, in the installation process for Arccos Caddie Smart Grips versus regular grips? 

“From a fitting standpoint, there's no difference, both are easy to install,” says Arccos Lead Club Fitter, Michael Manavian. “And feedback on the look, feel and performance of Arccos Caddie Smart Grips is extremely positive.” 

Case in point, a recent comment from Arccos Caddie Member, Jim S. “I started several years ago with the screw in sensors and now have my second set of clubs with the smart grips. I far prefer the smart grips.” Added another from Arccos Caddie Member, Eric S. “With the smart grips you can’t even tell the sensors are there.” 

How they work: Arccos sensors are seamlessly embedded into the ends of the grips and connect any set of clubs to the award winning Across Caddie app, which includes the new A.I.-powered GPS rangefinder. Arccos currently offers Smart Grips in Lamkin Crossline 360 and UTx (both available in standard and midsize) and Golf Pride MCC Plus (standard size). 

If you want to DIY and install grips at home, here’s a great guide from Lamkin that is both easy and rewarding. Also, checkout our instructions on how to install Smart Grips on Arccos Academy.

Whether you’re an Arccos user with Smart Sensors in existing grips that are wearing down, or an avid golfer with failing grips thinking about joining the Arccos family, regripping is an optimal time to switch into Arccos Caddie Smart Grips (£199.99 - £249.99).