The 5 Best Features of Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

Arccos Caddie users shoot lower scores by making data-driven decisions on the course. Not only is our system the lone fully-automatic performance tracker in golf, we also created the first artificial intelligence platform in golf with Arccos Caddie. Big data, machine learning and AI are taking over every industry. Why not let it take a few strokes off your score?

1) Automatically track every shot on the course

Arccos is created by golfers, for golfers, so we knew our on-course data capture had to be seamless and live in the background during a round. This isn't an easy problem to solve, but our team created a solution without the need for tagging or other interruptions during play. Using 14 sensors installed in the grip of each club, Arccos automatically tracks every shot a player takes. 

2) Know how far every club *really* goes

Earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal published an article titled "The Golfer's Delusion." The sad truth: all golfers think they hit the ball further than they actually do. (Arccos data shows 40% of all approach shots never reach the green.) This cognitive bias harms a player's performance because they are planning for a result they have seen once, maybe twice, in 10 shots, opposed to the other nine. Arccos users have a Smart Distance for every club, which factors in on-course data and removes outliers.


3) Know what part of your game needs work (and what part doesn't)

PGA Tour pros have ShotLink data to provide any type of information they could ever want to know about their game. You most likely don't have a team of volunteers charting every shot you take during your weekend rounds, so that's where Arccos bridges the gap between professionals and amateurs. Our Tour Analytics feature uses an enhanced model of strokes gained to give a handicap value to five facets: driving, approach, chipping, sand and putting. You may think you're a bad putter, but really, you are three-putting because you aren't hitting it close enough. Your iron game may be really good, so if you only have 15 minutes before a round, don't waste it grinding with your irons. Use your practice time wisely.

4) Arccos Caddie puts a caddie in your pocket

Arccos users get complimentary access to the Arccos Caddie feature. Arccos Caddie takes all of your shot data – along with the 100+ million shots taken by the Arccos community, elevation data, precise course mapping features, weather data and much more – to provide optimal strategies off the tee for any hole in the world. All with the tap of a button.

5) See precisely what you need to carry any hazard, at any point on the course

This feature isn't new to the golf space, but Arccos has taken GPS mapping to new heights. Our system has more than 368 million GPS course mapping data points available, so we know the precise width of every fairway, the elevation change for every tee box and the size of every putting surface. Arccos Caddie subscribers have the opportunity to use our new "Plays Like" distances. You may think it's 240 to clear the water, but since it's downhill and with the wind, it's only 226. Bombs away.