"The Single Best Golf Tech Product on the Market" – Arccos Caddie Given a Perfect Score by Breaking Eighty

When telling the story of Arccos, it's always easier when someone knows the full background. How the company was founded, our vision for the future of golf and the obstacles we've faced along the way in creating Golf's Smartest Caddie. Breaking Eighty's Sean Ogle knows it all. He was one of the very first Arccos users back in 2014, so we thought it was only right that he get his hands on one of the first set of Arccos Caddie Smart Grips. 

You can read his review here. But we'll give you a spoiler. Arccos Caddie earned the first-ever 10/10 review in his site's history. Below are the five best quotes about Arccos.

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1) "To cut to the chase, I think Arccos is the single greatest piece of golf tech a golfer can own. Why? Because it hits everything I want to be able to do and review as a golfer."

2) "And in the ultimate gift for someone who travels around playing golf, it gives me the ability to re-live every round by going through each hole shot by shot – serving as a reminder to those amazing moments, and horrific meltdowns. That’s a lot of value from one product."

3) "Arccos Caddie Smart Grips are the newest product Arccos is offering. It essentially does the exact same thing as the Smart Sensors, except the sensors are built into Lamkin Crossline grips. I’ve just recently put these grips on my clubs, and I’ve gotta say, I love them. The Smart Grips are primarily targeted at the better player, and there’s no doubt that having them built in just makes for a much more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing look and experience."

4) "If you haven’t been able to tell already, I love where Arccos has taken their technology and their products. In fact, this is the first ever 10/10 product I’ve ever reviewed on the site. Does it mean it’s perfect? No, no product (especially a tech product ever will be). But in thinking about how it fits each category compared to other reviews, it truly stands out across the board in terms of performance, price, presentation, and certainly, personal affinity."

5) "I think the Smart Sensors and Smart Grips are the single best golf tech products on the market, and if you’re serious about getting better, like to compete against yourself, and play more than once a month – this will be the best (and most enjoyable) investment you make in your golf game this year."