Want to Improve Your Approach Game?

Ever had a terrible round of golf and wondered whether you should hang up the clubs or head straight to the range to practice? Deep down, you can't bear to see your golf clubs gathering dust in the garage. So, you join your weekly foursome at the 19th hole, grab a cold beer, and laugh off the round. 

After that quick intermission, you feel motivated to hit the range and fix whatever went wrong on the course. As the machine dispenses your range balls into the green plastic basket, you reflect on your round, considering whether it was your drives, irons, or a combination of everything.

You set up at an open spot, pour out the range balls, and start swinging. As you reach your last ball, you think you've made progress, only to hit a dreaded slice. The following week, you repeat the process again, this time ending on an undesirable hook.

It's frustrating not knowing exactly what went wrong during your rounds and thinking you’ve fixed it. Typically, we make excuses based on our perceptions, thinking to ourselves, if only we made more putts or adjusted our club selection for better approaches.

With Arccos, you can easily identify where you lost shots during your rounds. It may not be a matter of making more putts but rather improving your approach to set up better opportunities for "makeable" putts.

After looking at your Arccos data, you notice your iron play needs some work. On average, about 36.3% of all shots in a round are hit with irons. Instead of mindlessly swinging at the range, you take a more analytical and strategic approach to getting better. You’ve narrowed down which facet needs some TLC, but now you need to know how to work on it.

Endlessly scrolling through YouTube and Instagram for swing tips can be overwhelming. Every teaching pro has something to share, from addressing swaying to perfecting your grip. It becomes confusing to determine what to focus on, and you don’t want to end up looking like the guy on the range below.

Avoid being "that guy." After a constant struggle with your irons, you want a one-stop shop, that covers the basics and more, in a simple and effective way. 

Introducing a brand-new Me and My Golf series in their coaching plans, "Pure Your Irons.” This comprehensive program consists of 6 courses and 11 lessons that cover 5 fundamental steps to improve your iron play: 

  • Mastering a consistent grip
  • Developing proper posture and balance
  • Achieving a consistent backswing pivot motion
  • Syncing your arms with your body
  • Executing a solid downswing shift for consistent ball striking

You’ll start watching your scores drop as you become a better iron striker. After crossing off your iron lesson, you can watch your approach strokes gained numbers, green in regulations, and proximity to the hole improve on Arccos. Which facet is next? 

One of the cool things about Me and My Golf's programs is their ability to customise lesson plans based on your individual game. Whether you're a 5 handicap or a 15 handicap, the coaching provided can be tailored to you.

With over 20 years of coaching experience, Me and My Golf founders, Piers and Andy, have witnessed countless golfers making similar mistakes throughout the years. Drawing from their experience and knowledge, they have curated the Pure Your Irons Blueprint, designed to help you achieve more consistent ball striking and lower your scores.

So, the next time you’re on the range after one of “those rounds”, apply the tips and tricks from Me and My Golf’s Pure Your Irons, or one of their other lesson plans, to have a more effective practice session instead of mindlessly swinging and “thinking” you’ve fixed it. 

Combine the data and feedback from your Arccos, with the strategic lessons of Piers and Andy to start improving even faster today! Arccos Members receive a special offer to the Me and My Golf coaching platform. Find out more here.