Know Your Yardages: AI Rangefinder

Imagine being five times more likely to hit a hole-in-one, just by becoming an Arccos member. When you know the actual yardage to the pin on every hole it makes a big difference. And that’s exactly what you get with the  AI Rangefinder feature in the Arccos app. It provides you with real-time "Plays Like" distances adjusted for environmental conditions, helping you hit precise shots all day long.


Taking GPS to the Next Level

Knowing the GPS distance to the pin is just the beginning. The Arccos AI Rangefinder goes further by presenting the Arccos “Plays Like” Number (green numbers), which adjusts GPS distances (white numbers) for slope and real-time weather conditions. This feature shows the impact of wind speed, direction, temperature, humidity, slope and altitude on your shots.

Personalized Altitude Calculations

Arccos’ AI Rangefinder personalizes altitude calculations based on the altitude differential between your home course and the one you’re playing. This ensures you get the most accurate yardage possible.

Breaking Down the Yardage Numbers

  • Left Column (White Numbers): Raw GPS yardages, not adjusted for environmental factors.
  • Center Column (Green Numbers): Arccos “Plays Like” Numbers, GPS yardages adjusted in real-time for wind speed, direction, temperature, humidity, and altitude.
  • Right Column (Green Numbers): Arccos “Plays Like” Numbers adjusted for wind gusts, giving you an edge in gusty conditions.

Elevate Your Game with Real-Time Adjustments

The real-time adjustments provided by the Arccos AI Rangefinder empower you to play smarter by considering all environmental factors. Let Arccos calculate your precise yardage so you can focusing on hitting the perfect shot.