Quick Tips Before You Play Your First Round

How to Start a Round: 

  • Before you hit the first tee box—whether you're about to leave the house, on the range, or in the clubhouse—take a minute to open the Arccos App and download the course. It only takes a few seconds with a strong Wi-Fi or cell signal, but some courses aren't in great locations for cell service, so doing it ahead of time will be helpful. Head to the "Start Round" tab, where you can search for and select the course you'll be playing. Ensure that the shot detection mode is set to "Phone" to enable automatic shot detection. Select your starting hole and tee box. You'll also have the option to select your round type and the ball used. You're ready to play! Click "Start Round," place your phone in any pocket, and swing away!

Play Holes in Order:

  • Try to play the holes in consecutive order. If you need to skip holes or start on the back nine, make sure to switch to the proper hole in the app to ensure your shots are tracked correctly. You can do this by opening the app and adjusting the hole you want to play at the top during a round. Once you select the hole you are currently on, select "Play Hole" located at the bottom of the screen.

Practice Swings and Hitting Another Shot Too Close:

  • Don’t worry about taking too many practice swings; shots within 5 yards will not be tracked by the app, which helps avoid practice swings being marked as strokes. However, be sure to add and edit your round if/when duplicate shots occur within 5 yards, such as a whiff or a duffed bunker shot.

Putt Detection:

  • We’ll try our best to detect all your shots. For the most accurate putt detection, fully address the ball on the green and mark the pin. Gimmes and tap-ins are the most commonly missed shots. In the app, you can precisely adjust your putting distances for more accurate stats.

Quick and Simple Editing:

  • Simple editing will be necessary to ensure you get the best insights and analytics. You can edit between holes or after the round. Finding your preferred routine may take a couple of rounds.