Arccos Golf Holiday Gift Guide 2022

2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Do you know a golfer who is definitely on the ‘nice list’ but they think their game might be on the ‘naughty list’? Then you have ended up in the right place. ‘Tis the season to dig through gift guides to see what presents might be best suited for the special golfers in our lives. If you’ve already made it to this blog, you are likely looking for a gift for an avid golf lover. We designed this guide to help anyone (even non-golfers) understand which Arccos products are going to work best for their special golfer.

Is Arccos the right gift to give?

This is an important question. Much like the classic movie ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ we care a lot about customer satisfaction and want to make sure anyone using Arccos is happy. Arccos is a powerful tool to help golfers of all skill levels improve their on-course performance, but there are some criteria to consider if Arccos is best for the golfer(s) in your life:

  • Do they play golf on a course at least 10-15 times a year?
    • Arccos Members will get the most value from the product the more they use it. After all, it does use machine learning based on their performance, so the more they play, the more value it will add to their game. But our product is currently designed for on-course play–not simulators or driving ranges. 
  • Are they looking to improve their performance?
    • While every golfer wants to play wonderfully, Arccos is best for golfers who are passionate about understanding more about their rounds and what they can do to play better the next time. There are so many powerful features for both on and off the course, that will help enthusiastic golfers geek out about their game. 
  • Have they asked for any other golf products?
    • It’s no secret that golfers can be very particular. In which case many times they either ask for something very specifically, or they go and buy it for themselves. If you have a golfer that asked for other golf gifts, Arccos might be another cool supplementary tool to give. With powerful features like our AI Rangefinder, Smart Club Distances, Strokes Gained Analytics, AI Caddie, and Automatic Shot Tracking… giving Arccos is like giving multiple gifts in one. 
  • Are they already using Arccos?
    • If they are already using Arccos for their game, there are actually some cool options that you can give as gifts as well, but we will help determine that in this ‘gifting guide’. 

What is Arccos and Why would your golfer want it?

Arccos gives golfers amazing insights into a golfer’s on-course performance. The average new Arccos member improves by more than 5 shots in their first year of using the system. The real magic of Arccos is the membership to the award-winning mobile app. The Arccos Mobile App is jam packed with features to help golfers of all skill levels benefit from the power of data. Membership to the app is basically multiple gifts in one!

Check out our video gift guide that details which products you should be considering this season. 

Purchasing for a golfer who doesn't use Arccos:

If the person you are purchasing for doesn’t already use Arccos, we recommend the Arccos Bundle. If you want to give them something extra special and unique we suggest the Limited Edition Smoke Starter Bundle (available while supplies last). This is the perfect setup to get going with Arccos for their upcoming golf season. It includes a full set of Smart Sensors and our wearable shot tracking device the Arccos Link (all in a cool and stealthy look). Note, this product can also be given to existing Arccos members that might want the smokey vibes, and bonus if they have an extra Link in their bag in case they ever forget to charge theirs before their round. 

Purchasing for a golfer who already uses Arccos?

While technically any additional Arccos product is useful to existing members even as ‘spares’ here are the ones we think they’ll appreciate the most:

  • Arccos Link
    If they are already using Arccos but don’t use our wearable shot-tracking device (it tracks shots automatically without using the phone) this is a great addition to their bag. 
  • Membership Gift Card
    You have the option to purchase 1 or 2 years of Membership access to our Award Winning App so they can keep playing better golf and coming home happier (we all know those days…)
  • Smart Grips
    These are a great upgrade for players that already have Arccos. They give a more streamlined look and feel as the sensors are built into the grip. (Smart Sensors VS Smart Grips)
  • Replacement Smart Sensor Bundle
    It comes with 5 regular club twist-in sensors or 4 regular club and 1 putter twist-in sensors. This is a great gift for anyone that might want a few spare sensors in their bags. While the life of our sensors is pretty good depending on how they are stored (in the dark) or how often they are used… this is a great stocking stuffer for any existing Arccos member to have on-hand to ensure they can keep tracking their performance throughout the season. 

Checking Your List Twice:

To summarize and make sure you feel good about what you’re wrapping up with a bow, make sure you watch the video above for some additional context. While the ‘gift of lower scores’ is truly priceless, here is your shortlist to cross-check what you learned above to make sure you are giving the tools to help them get there: