Why Arccos Caddie Makes the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day Gifts for Dad - The Golfer

Searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift for a golfer in your life? It’s okay to not know exactly what he wants - because we do: He wants to get better. Be it to win his club championship or just to stop losing money in his Saturday morning matches, all golfers share the same desire to lower their scores. This is where your father’s day gift comes in.


Arccos Caddie - the Golf Performance Tracking System

Our award-winning performance tracking system is the best Father’s Day gift because it’s the gift of better golf. In 2017, the average Arccos user improved by 3.55 strokes. (And that was after an average improvement of 2.77 strokes in 2016.)

Simple Installation, Undeniable Improvements

The process is simple: 14 ultralight sensors attach to the end of any set of golf clubs to automatically track all of the performance data of a golfer while they play. And Arccos is the perfect Father's Day gift because you don't have to worry what clubs he plays with, or if you'll get the right size or color! Arccos works with any set of clubs and can help golfers of all skill levels improve more quickly.

The Smart Caddie: Easy-to-Use Technology, Producing the Analytics He Needs

How do we put all of that data to use? Last year, we launched Arccos Caddie – a Smart Caddie that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide live club recommendations on any hole in the world. Arccos Caddie takes all of the users’ shot data – along with the entire Arccos database, weather conditions, elevation changes and more – to provide strategy and expected score for every hole.

Award-Winning Golf Technology by Golf Digest

That’s right. The World’s Smartest Caddie is right at our users’ fingertips. Based on the success of Arccos Caddie, Arccos was named one of the Most Innovative Companies in the World by Fast Company, ranking third in the Sports category. We’ve also been named “Best Game Analyzer” by Golf Digest for three consecutive years. Our renowned Customer Experience team is available via phone or e-mail to troubleshoot any issues, whether they be big or small, for all of our users. And we also offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee. (But we don’t think you’ll need it.)

So give the gift that every golfer wants: lower scores and more fun out on the course. Click here to get the best Father's Day Gift today!