Do you have a USGA Handicap? Win Now! #GolfsOpeningRound


Imagine, you’re playing against Jordan Spieth at L.A. Country Club in a stroke-play match. What are the odds that you beat him straight up? Zero. But with handicaps and he gives you say, eight shots a side? Maybe!!

The average handicap index of a tour player is about +5.6. And let’s just say you’re about a 10-handicap golfer, you would get about 16 shots against Spieth. So, if you shot an 84 and Spieth ends up shooting a 70, your adjusted score is now a 68. You just beat Spieth! Hope you put 10 bucks on the first tee. 

One of the great things about golf is that it's a sport that just about anyone can participate in and compete on a level playing field, thanks to the handicap system.

To create a United States Golf Association (USGA) handicap, all you need to do is:

  1. Join a club – (public, private, or some states even provide an e-club) that supports the USGA handicap system. (Search for a local club here)
  2. Start playing some golf – Start booking tee times and don’t forget your Arccos to help automatically track your shots (This will come in handy later when you submit your scores).
  3. Submit your rounds – You will need at least 5 rounds to get a proper handicap.
  4. Get your new handicap – Your handicap index is calculated by taking the average of the best scores from your submitted scorecards, adjusting for the difficulty of the golf course, and applying a handicap formula.

If you've already established an official handicap index or just finished setting one up, you now have the chance to watch Tour Pros, like Spieth, compete at L.A. Country Club this June or snag some fantastic U.S. Open merchandise!

From now until April 23rd, The USGA is hosting a Social Sweepstakes! They are giving away two tickets to the 2023 U.S. Open and five $50 gift cards to the U.S. Open Shop. All you have to do is have a handicap index, post a score, and share it through Instagram or Twitter with #GolfsOpeningRound.  

To make your life even simpler though, you can seamlessly post your rounds straight to your USGA account right from the Arccos App. By playing a round with Arccos, your shots are automatically tracked and your final score is logged, so all that's left is to post your round directly from the app in just a couple of clicks.



On top of being able to effortlessly post your score to your USGA account, Arccos is able to track all your shots during your rounds and provide valuable insights into your game to help you improve even faster. Before you know it, you’ll be dropping to a lower handicap in no time and maybe you won’t need so many strokes in your next match with Jordan! 😉