Industry Reviews of Arccos Caddie Strokes Gained Analytics

It’s not easy to shake up a centuries old industry, but Arccos has dedicated it’s business to helping players deep dive into the data of their golf game to help them improve. The media buzz on the heels of the Arccos Caddie Link introduction has been very strong, but also wildly successful has been the Strokes Gained Analytics feature to help players translate their data into meaningful and actionable insights to help them play smarter. Here are what some industry leaders are saying:


My Golf Spy


My Golf Spy:

“While the recently released Arccos Caddie Link represents a step forward for Arccos on the hardware side, Arccos Caddie Strokes Gained Analytics is nothing less than the company’s most significant advancement since it screwed its first sensor into the butt-end of a grip.”

“What’s truly impressive about the Arccos Caddie Strokes Gained Analytics is that despite being exceptionally data-rich, it doesn’t overpower you with information to the point that you go data blind. Initial screens provide a top-level overview of your game. Top Insights (what you’re doing well and what you need to work on) are provided as well. From there, it’s up to you how deep you want to dive into the individual facts to find the actionable insights that are important to you.”

The new Arccos Caddie Strokes Gained Analytics feature is pretty powerful and the above quotes from MyGolfSpy illustrate the importance of this advancement.

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Golf Digest

Golf Digest: 

Want to know exactly how to take your crushingly mediocre 15-handicap to a rock-solid 5? Arccos' new Strokes Gained Analytics will get you there.

"now (Arccos) is making “strokes gained” work for the average golfer, or any player who wants to understand how to improve, and it’s doing it with a database that’s 15 times the size of what the best players in the world use.” 

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