Establish your On-Course Routine with Arccos Caddie

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Playing a round of golf with the Arccos Caddie App can be as hands-off or as involved as you’d like it to be. You can connect with Arccos Caddie Link, stash your phone in your bag, enjoy time with friends and check on your score and shot data post-round. 

Or you can go the classic route and keep the phone in your front pocket and utilise the full suite of Arccos Caddie features as you play: up-to-date course maps, golf’s only A.I.-powered GPS Rangefinder, the new Strokes Gained feature and of course, personal club recommendations based on your averages. 

For Arccos players who want to stay engaged with the system throughout their round, here’s a quick primer on keeping the day running smoothly.

Before you Play: Getting Ready for your Upcoming Round 

Taking on a new course this weekend with new partners and want to spend less time on club selection and more time getting to know your new golf buddies? Fire up Arccos Preview Caddie. You might also be carrying your bag and looking to lighten your loadso you have the ability to scout out the course and see which clubs would be most helpful on the round if you don’t want to carry them all. 

Arccos players who have logged at least five rounds have access to this popular feature and can use the app to see how they’d play every hole on a given course. This is a great way to go over your strategy for an upcoming round and to familiarize yourself with a course’s nuances. 

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To activate Preview Caddie, open the app, search for and download the course you’d like to preview, select the set of tees you’ll play from and tap “Preview Caddie” in the bottom left of the screen and off you go on the first hole. If you are new to Arccos and don’t have 5 rounds yet—you can also ‘start round’ from your couch (it just might show that you are pretty far from the tee boxes...)

Arccos Caddie Preview

Speaking of downloading, make sure to download the course you’re going to play (over Wi-Fi) well in advance. It will significantly decrease battery use and keep you from holding up your group on the first tee. 

To do it: simply search for the course you want to play and once located, tap the download cloud icon in the top right corner. With a fast connection it can take less than 10 seconds. 

From there, you can set a course as your “Home Course,” change the starting hole (if you’re starting on the back nine, for example, in a double-teed setup) and select the tee box you’re playing from. Once you’ve made your way near or to the tee box, tap “Start Round” in the lower right corner. 

Pro Tip: setting your home course helps Arccos Caddie with your recommendations based on the altitude and conditions of your home course

As You Play 

We’ve written about it numerous times in the past, but it bears repeating: keep your phone in your front pocket in order for the Smart Sensors to transmit data to the Arccos Caddie App.

Conversely, keep in mind Smart Sensors are “on” throughout your round (they are UV activated so when you pull them out of the bag, they can be ‘sensed’ by the app). If you roll a few practice putts on a green after hole-ing out, the app will add those strokes to your score. Just delete them as you walk off the green or tee off on the next hole.

The A.I.-powered rangefinder and caddie feature will give you all the data you need to make an informed club selection. But if you’re in between clubs and carry a few sticks up to the tee box, be sure to set the clubs you don’t use far enough away (10-15 feet should do it) so their sensors aren’t in range or have the grips facing away from the light.

For newer Arccos players, mid-round shot editing presents the biggest challenge in terms of keeping their round running seamlessly and on-schedule. Master a few techniques, and you’ll fly through on-course adjustments. 

Take putting from the fringe or just off the green, for example. This is technically a “chip” and not a “putt.” To keep your personal data set and strokes gained as accurate as possible, you’ll want to edit these strokes.

To change a stroke from a putt to a chip, access the Arccos “Shot List” feature by selecting the hole, then sliding your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen. Locate the putt you’d like to change, tap on it, then select the “chip” option. 

Changing a Putt to a Chip - Arccos Caddie

If you are concerned about pace of play, feel free to jot down notes on a pad of paper, scorecard or your phone about edits you need to make post-round. This can include penalty shots, duffs, etc. We’ve even heard of some users making voice notes to themselveswe are all about playing the game your way so experiment to figure out what you prefer to do while on the course. 

Post-Round Review and Relaxation

The Arccos Caddie App has everything you need to make post-round adjustments, including editing shots, flagstick locations and adding penalty shots. You’ll just need to provide your own 19th hole libation. 

Arccos Caddie Online Dashboard

In your mobile app you can see the stats from your round and start to break down where you picked up and gave up strokes with Strokes Gained Analytics. When you get home, the Arccos Players Dashboard is also a great tool for shot-by-shot review and editing. To find it, visit, click Dashboard in the top left corner and enter your user name and password. 

The “Courses” tab allows for easy access and reviews of rounds collated by golf course. If you regularly play a number of different courses, it’s a convenient way to break down your rounds by facility.


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