Arccos Caddie Link Wearable Now Permitted Under the Rules of Golf

Arccos Caddie Link, now permitted in the USGA Rules of Golf

STAMFORD, Conn., September 16, 2020 – Arccos – the pioneer of big data and artificial intelligence for golf – today announced its Arccos Caddie Link ultralight wearable is now permitted under the Rules of Golf, according to United States Golf Association (USGA) decision #2020-0305.

Compatible with iPhone and Android devices, Link seamlessly pairs with the Arccos Caddie app and sensors, allowing Arccos players to capture their shot data without having to carry a smartphone on the course. Worn on a player’s belt, waistband or pocket, Link tracks shots in real time – including the club used and precise location – and automatically transfers the data to a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth, either during or after the round. This allows golfers to play the game their way, freeing them to keep their phone in a cart, bag, back pocket or elsewhere.

“Arccos Caddie gives golfers of all skill levels access to the kind of performance insights reserved exclusively for PGA Tour pros whose data is tracked manually via the ShotLink system,” says Sal Syed, Arccos CEO and Co-Founder. “Link is the ideal solution for players on other pro tours, elite amateurs and recreational golfers who want to track their data and access Arccos Caddie Strokes Gained Analytics without carrying a phone during their round. Now, they can do so with the comfort of knowing that Link is allowable under the Rules of Golf.”

The Arccos Caddie app is also Permitted Under the Rules of Golf, according to USGA decision #2017-0754 (for international users this also means that it is permitted in countries governed by the R&A as there is no bifurcation of the rules). It boasts many powerful features, such as Arccos Caddie Strokes Gained Analytics (SGA). Released in August of 2020, SGA is the first platform to allow a player to select any target handicap – from Tour player to 20 – and measure their performance versus that goal across every game facet. SGA shows a player’s overall game stats with trend and scoring analysis. In addition, SGA not only supports deep dives for all performance segments by each round or customisable periods, it automatically highlights a player’s top-3 strengths and weaknesses and provides tips from world-class instructors to help any golfer play smarter and shoot lower scores.

“Link being ruled conforming is a game changer for coaches, teams and players of all levels, including Tour professionals,” says Ryan Crysler, Senior Instructor at Butch Harmon Floridian and Arccos Ambassador. “The ability for players to automatically track competition data with Link eliminates the need for them to make notes in round, or carry their phone, meaning they can now focus on playing and also save them time post round.  As a coach, this is priceless and is a critical element of using data to  build better improvement plans for our students, especially those with PGA and LPGA Tour aspirations.”

Golf’s first Artificial Intelligence platform, Arccos Caddie automatically tracks your shots while delivering in-round insights and post-round Strokes Gained Analytics. The system includes the world’s first A.I. powered rangefinder, smart distance club averages for each club and caddie advice for any hole on earth. These combine to help golfers of all skill levels make smarter decisions, improve faster and shoot lower scores. Last year, the average Arccos Caddie player who used the system for at least five rounds lowered their handicap by a remarkable 4.2 strokes.