Instructor Ryan Crysler on the Future of Coaching Golf with Arccos Caddie Link

Ryan Crysler, senior instructor at Butch Harmon Floridian and Arccos Ambassador, works with many of the world’s best junior, collegiate and professional golfers. 

When his students aren’t with him, director of instruction Claude Harmon III or player relations manager Matt Gallant, they’re likely competing in a high-level tournament.

Until now, Crysler relied on his pupils to manually enter their own data from events following their rounds. He requires his top students use Arccos, however junior tours don’t allow players to carry phones, and many collegiate and professional golfers are averse to it, even when it is allowed.

This method was incomplete at best, erroneous at worst. Arccos Caddie Link is about change all of that.

Introducing Arccos Caddie Link

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“For the first time, we’re going to have access to on-course data obtained under pressure-packed, tournament conditions,” Crysler says. “Our students will be able clip Link to their waists, leave their phones in their bags and go play golf. We will have a full, accurate picture of their performance. They can hold themselves accountable for each shot and use accurate data to inform their next round.”

A light-weight wearable offering Arccos players the freedom to keep their phone in their golf bag, cart or pushcart, “Link” automatically transfers shot and club data to a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth, either during or post-round.

Weighing less than 25 grams and measuring just over two inches long and three-quarters of an inch wide (about the size of a matchbook), it fits snuggly on most belts, waistbands or pockets. Simply press a button to pair it before teeing off and Links records every shot with every club.

“Our students will have no excuse not to use Arccos now,” Crysler says, laughing. “For instructors, Link is an absolute game changer. I can now log on to my coach’s dashboard and see real time, on-course data for my players. Right after a round we can FaceTime or text and break it down together.”

Crysler, for one, believes on-course data will open a lot of eyes and start a lot of new conversations (or text threads) between teacher and pupil. 

“Data collected under pressure and is fundamentally different than statistics obtained under normal playing circumstances,” he says. “As far as I am concerned, it is the only data that matters for golfers who want to excel at a high level.”

While most Arccos players aren’t playing in highly competitive amateur and professional tournaments, they’re all working toward the same goal: to get better faster. Crysler believes Link will have a profound impact on their overall Arccos utilisation. 

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“The more that golfers use Arccos, the sharper their focus will be during every round they play,” Crysler says. “But not everyone wants to play with a phone in his or her front pocket. Link removes that barrier and I think we’ll find thousands of players double or even triple their use of the system.”

That applies to his students, as well, Crysler says. 

“We have players who, if they aren’t playing in a competitive situation, will let their guard down and their performance suffers,” he says. “The convenience and freedom of Link gives them another reason to use Arccos during their practice rounds and greatly enhance their concentration.” 

Crysler also believes Link could be a catalyst for a paradigm shift in “team golf,” from junior tours and high school teams to college squads and eventually, professionals.

“If more players record their rounds and shots with Arccos because of Link, coaches will have access to exponentially more data about their players’ tendencies,” Crysler says. “With Arccos Preview Caddie, they can see how different players strategically approach courses they are going to play in matches or championships.”

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