Round-Up On Recent Arccos Product Reviews Golfer driving with Arccos

It's pretty 'spooky' knowing that the holidays are just around the corner... While the Golf Gods might be haunting your Approach game, we've had recent reviews from the media that you should read. Your golf game doesn't have to be so scary when you've got a top industry platform in your pocket, according to these media influencers below. Logo

How data and analytics changed the way I think about my golf game 

by Zephyr Melton

"I'm a words guy, not a numbers guy"—hear from a writer who didn't focus on formal training or data and his perspective on learning to play with Arccos. 

  • Zephyr's favorite features
  • Reviewing your rounds
  • Strokes Gaines Analytics like the pros
  • Leveraging data to change the way he practices

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Accessory Review: Arccos Caddie Link

by Michael Harris

Get the details on Michael's 4.5 star rating. As an Arccos player for the past two years, he knows dives into his opinion of the pros and cons of the platform. 
  • Opinion on Pros & Cons of Arccos
  • Using Arccos Caddie Link
  • Strokes Gained Analytics

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golficity review shot tracking arccos caddie link
EQUIPMENT: Go 100% Phone-Free with Arccos Caddie Link

by Eric Benzenberg

Don't let this title fool you, Eric does an awesome job of highlighting the various parts of the Arccos platform. Get a comprehensive overview of how the Link works seamlessly in the user experience. 

  • What's in the box
  • What to expect during play
  • Getting setup and on your way
  • On-course performance for Link 

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Plugged-in golf

Arccos Caddie Link Review 

by Zack Buechner

  • Arccos Review in 50 words or less
  • Set-up and Ease of Use
  • Positives & Negatives
  • Breaking Down the Value to users

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